Land Clearing & Demolition

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Our experienced demolition professionals and state of the art equipment can totally or partially remove any building up to 8 stories, including those standing nearby other structures that are to remain in place.


Our land clearing expertise and state of the art equipment will ensure that your property is clear and ready to meet your future land use requirements.


Our comprehensive land development services leverage our extensive site work and site preparation experience and state of the art equipment to meet the challenges of any property.


Family owned and operated, ELEV8 has earned the reputation for providing top quality residential and commercial building demolition, land clearing and site work services to clients throughout Northeast Florida. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida we are licensed, bonded and insured and take great pride in providing the best personalized service in the business.


Terry L Brown


Let me tell you about Ben and his crew. They are on top of it. You want DEMO AND IT GONE !! BEN'S on it like stink on a skunk! You talk to Ben, he's immediately back with the estimate you approve it. He's right there with a copy of his insurance and contract. You sign off and blink a eye. The land is cleared. Don't hesitate ELEV8! Once again, thanks Ben.

Dorthea Williams

My name is D. Williams-Carswell and I am pleased to write a review on ELEV8. They made what could have been a difficult process much easier and worked with me every step of the way. When the job was done, it was neat and efficient! I will not hesitate to use them again. Thank you, ELEV8 for a job well done, you get 5 stars from me!

Travis Stratmann

The experience we had with Elev8 was nothing short of exceptional. From the first phone call to the completion they are a first class company. We called them on a Friday to remove a mobile home from a piece of property and they were there on the following Monday ready to go. The removal was fast, clean and very affordable. with no hiccups and the site was left better than expected. The crew of Ben, Jon, Stacey and Danny were excellent and I highly recommend utilizing their company for all of your debris and demolition needs.

Bobbie Hayward

This was by far the BEST demolition company I have ever dealt with and I went thru several. If you ever want a job done without all the headache and Ben! I didn't have to ask questions because they explained everything up front and his guys on the jobsite were a breathe of fresh air with friendly personality and easy to talk! I loved the work that was done for me! Thank you thank you thank you for such a job well done!

Andrew Hayman

I have been working with Elev8 for the better part of a year now. More specifically I’ve been working with Ben, John, Brian, Danny, and Gordie. These guys are phenomenal. Day in day out they continue to impress me with their hard work, dedication, knowledge, and problem solving. When they started the project it had over 70 deteriorated homes that needed to be removed, trees/ bushes needed to be cleared, multiple old buildings needed to be torn down, roads needed to be repaired. It was a large project with lots of unforeseen challenges. Anytime something came up it was handled quickly and efficiently. Looking forward to working with these guys on the next project.

Greg Solis

Ben is very professional and clearly takes pride in doing a good job. He really made sure I was 100% satisfied, and I am. We had a pool removed with a screen enclosure and parts of the yard leveled. I do have an upcoming land clearing job for an outbuilding and absolutely plan to use ELEV8 for that job.

John Stillwell

ELEV8 helped us clear our lot in Fernandina Beach. They were by far the most professional company we interviewed and did an excellent job. They showed up on time and have great employees that know what they're doing.